Role of Parish Council

What rôle does your Parish Council play:

The Parish Council is proud of its village and amenities and endeavours to ensure everything is done to maintain it as a pleasant place to live.

Maintenance: We keep in close contact with County Council Highways and report any maintenance required on highways, verges etc.County Council lengthsmen visit the village three times a year to carry out general tidying duties as requested by the Parish Council.
Play areas: Barton Meadow Play area, situated in Barton Meadow Road, is a popular play area for young people of all ages. It is annually inspected by ROSPA and a designated Councillor is responsible for ensuring the day to day maintenance and safety.
Planning: Torridge District Council consults the Parish Council on all planning applications submitted for the Parish. Plans are considered by Councillors, if an application is felt to be inappropriate reasons are given to back up the decision. However, the final decision rests with the District Council.
Footpaths: Footpaths are inspected regularly by a designated Councillor and any repairs/maintenance reported. We work in liaison with the County Council Footpaths Officer and ensure all gates, signs etc are kept in good order.
Finance: The Parish Council sets its budget in November each year to cover estimated expenditure in the following year. The financial year runs from 1 April to 31 March. From this the Precept is determined; for the current year to 31 March 2022 the Parish Council has not raised the precept requirement – remains at £11,130.00
Grants: The parish Council awards grants annually in October each year to local clubs and organisations. The level of award is determined by Councillors at their meeting in August.

Amenities owned and maintained by the Parish Council:

Barton Meadow Play area Includes a playing field with football nets, and a secure play area with play equipment for younger children.
Mill Road Car Park A small car park adjacent to the church.
Village Pump An historic pump in the High Street, recently rebuilt and restored by the Parish Council following vehicle impact damage.
Bus Shelter Maintained and kept clean and tidy by High Bickington Youth Club members
Seats Four seats situated in various viewpoint positions.
Dog bins Following a recurring problem with dog fouling in the village, the Parish Council has installed six dog bins and in collaboration with the Animal Welfare Officer at the District Council, ensures this problem is kept to a minimum.
Grit bins These are placed in vulnerable areas and supplies of salt and grit are supplied by the Parish Council.