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Application for a Certificate of Lawfulness in respect of non-compliance with Condition 5 of permission 1/1986/1978
Silverweir, High Bickington
PC Decision:  
Those Councillors with knowledge of the property (5) confirm the accuracy of the statements made.
TDC Decision:



Erection of temporary rural worker’s supervisory dwelling
Resubmission of 1/1245/2017/OUT
Land at Nethergrove, High Bickington
PC Decision: 
With one abstention, Councillors agreed unanimously to support this application.
TDC Decision:


Change of use of land for the siting of 3no. mobile shepherds huts

Little Silver House, High Bickington.
PC Decision:
The Parish Council supports this application as it will increase tourism and generate income for our local economy, subject to consideration being given to the following concern:
Councillors take issue with the claims made in 3.9 and 5.10.1 regarding access.  This application will attract increased traffic on a narrow country lane and this needs to be addressed.
TDC Decision:


Outline application for single, two storey dwelling with all matters reserved.
Land adjacent 1 Cross Parks, High Bickington
PC Comment:  The Parish Council confirms its original objection.
The Parish Council was unable to support/comment on the application as presented due to a lack of detail regarding the size of property proposed or its position on the land.