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Application for a Certificate of Lawfulness in respect of non-compliance with Condition 5 of permission 1/1986/1978
Silverweir, High Bickington
PC Decision:  
Those Councillors with knowledge of the property (5) confirm the accuracy of the statements made.
TDC Decision:


Erection of temporary rural worker’s supervisory dwelling
Resubmission of 1/1245/2017/OUT
Land at Nethergrove, High Bickington
PC Decision: 
With one abstention, Councillors agreed unanimously to support this application.
TDC Decision:


Outline application for single, two storey dwelling with all matters reserved.
Land adjacent 1 Cross Parks, High Bickington
PC Comment:  The Parish Council confirms its original objection.
The Parish Council was unable to support/comment on the application as presented due to a lack of detail regarding the size of property proposed or its position on the land.
Decision: Appeal rejected.

Alterations to existing domestic garage to create study and store.
Hope Cottage, High Bickington.
Decision:  Appeal rejected


Change of use of existing home office to annex for holiday use
Pows Cottage, High Bickington
PC Decision:   
 The Parish Council strongly objects to this application as it is contrary to item 3 of the decision notice for application 1/0408/2015/FUL which states “the accommodation hereby permitted shall be used solely for residential purposes ancillary to the existing dwelling known as Pows Cottage … and not as an independent dwelling”.  The attached floor plans are the same as for the original retrospective application for a home office, and show nothing to support the change of use to a holiday let.
TDC Decision:  Approved

Erection of double garage
Pows Cottage, High Bickington
PC Decision: 
 The Parish Council has withheld its decision pending outcome of discussions with Torridge District Council on the previous application for change of use.
TDC Decision:

Conversion of former rural building to one dwelling
Woodrow, High Bickington
PC Decision:  No objection
TDC Decision:

Conversion of redundant barns to 3no dwellings
Yelland Farm, High Bickington
PC Decision: 
 No objection
TDC Decision: